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15 septembre 2013

Koalas du Dimanche

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suziqu's thread works a dit…

Hello Dear Joelle
These darling Koalas are native to my country and we even have them living in the bush around us but with all the clearing and bush fires many are becoming extinct and so they are now protected but oh so adorable and make the most amazing sounds - nothing like you would think - like a deep growl!

Sending hugs for a lovely Sunday.
Best wishes dear friend,

johala a dit…

Hello dear Suzy!
Yes Koalas are from Australia. I don't know if there's others somewhere in the world, I don't think so!
I love them, and I dream that one day, I'll can see one really! They're so lovely!
You told about bush fires on your blog and we saw many pictures of koala on the web during this period. I'm pleased they're protected now, like Pandas in China!
I'm going to look for a video on youtube to ear the sound they make!
Have a lovely sunday.
Hugs and kisses

iris a dit…

bon système pour donner le biberon
c'est adorable
bon dimanche

Nadezda a dit…

Ils sont trop mignons, tu as l'art de toujours nous trouver des animaux attendrissants, merci :)

Bisous !

zapi a dit…

Ils sont mignons !
Bonne soirée, bisous.